Great Music with home delivery, open the doors of your home in La Vivaldi!


We will be on Unica TV in the evenings of Monday and Wednesday from 21 December 2020 to 27 January 2021, in prime time at 21.20, after which the videos will be available in streaming on the social channels of the orchestra and Unica.TV

The concerts will be presented and commented live by Lorenzo Passerini and the musicologist Alfonso Alberti, who has been accompanying us for some time in the development of musical programs.




Don Quichotte

21 and 23 December 2020


Serenades and nights

28 and 30 December 2020


Jazz music

4 and 6 January 2021



11 and 13 January 2021


The twentieth century

18 and 20 January 2021


Mahler's Fourth

25 and 27 January 2021


The presentation of Lorenzo Passerini in the transmission

"Il Telescopio" by Unica TV, with Fabio Panzeri

The press release presenting the review

The current era, as we know, requires the use of video to replace the live concert.

How to use the video? How to decline this need (hopefully short)? The A. Vivaldi Orchestra and its conductor Lorenzo Passerini propose a series of six video meetings which they have significantly entitled "La Vivaldi in your home": the technological medium can bring the audience and musicians closer together, creating an atmosphere of familiarity, of "home" .

In homes, when you see or hear something, it is discussed. In the same way Lorenzo Passerini and the musicologist Alfonso Alberti will discuss in an informal way the pieces that will then be listened to. We will ask ourselves why things are done and we will also try to "disassemble" some musical pages, to see how they are made: thus bringing the audience closer not only to the performers, but also to the music, from which already in pre-covid times they often separated a some panic fear.

In the series of meetings there will be a partly chronological path, for which the spectator will be accompanied in the adventure of music through the centuries, from Telemann and Mozart to Milhaud's unexpected twentieth century; different genres will be touched, such as jazz in its influence on the classical tradition; the repertoires will sometimes be rare, embellished with transcriptions for small ensembles of great orchestral works proposed here for the first time ( Quarta by Mahler and Serenata n.1 by Brahms , but in both cases it will be discovered that the transcription is not a fallback case of Brahms even goes to reconstruct an original project by the composer himself!).

In the opening of the series, a surprising Don Quixote by Telemann : yes, in this period it sometimes feels like him, like the knight of La Mancha trying to defeat the windmills. And to close the last meeting will be the words of the Magical Horn of the child set to music by Mahler : «The angelic voices shake the senses from the cold, so that everything is awakened to joy!».


Becoming children again - to continue to touch the possible paradises.