The first CD by Antonio Vivaldi Orchestra is OUT

Monographic Work on Music by Piergiorgio Ratti


Seven soloists, an orchestra and a string quartet for a new recording project in which "pure" music returns to be the protagonist.

Below, a shoot during the recording session

LP recording session.jpeg

A short presentation ...

In the photo: LP, second day of recording.

The origins of the LP project date back to 2011 when Piergiorgio Ratti and Lorenzo Passerini founded the Antonio Vivaldi Orchestra. It was in the yards of the Orchestra that collaborations with the seven soloists of the album were born ...

LP is a project of artistic synergies , enclosed in a CD, that lives on the emotions, passions, visions, dreams, fantasies, reflections, of a composer, a conductor and many musicians, each with their own wishes, each with their own training and diversity, all united by the enthusiasm to open up to the diversity of the "Alter", to confront each other to create a personal sound.

It is a research project in the panorama of acoustic instrumental music, in which the passion for the classics blends with one's own time without limits. All songs were born with and for musicians: LP is mainly an album of songs for solo instrument or for soloist and string orchestra , composed between 2011 and 2015, revisited and expanded for the record version. The musical influences are many and are merged to give rise to songs in which variation is the main generating element.

The protagonists - The soloists

LP recording session.jpeg

Enrico Graziani, cello

Marino Delgado Rivilla, clarinet

Alex Elia, trumpet

Lorenzo Passerini, trombone

Marco Sala, bass clarinet

A close-knit team of young professionals who work in some of the most important European institutions.

Alice Sabbadin, flute


Stefano Fiacco, piano

The protagonists - The orchestra and the quartet

Orchestra Antonio Vivaldi


1st Violin

Elisa Scanziani *

Samuele Bianchi

Gemma Raneri

Annie Hsu


2nd Violin

Emanuele Simonelli **

Davide Scognamiglio

Giulia Zoppelli

Priyanka Ravanelli



David Arienti **

Nicola Sangaletti

Maria Beatrice Aramu



Giovanni Genovese **

Paola Bralić

Alessio Scanziani


Double bass

Matteo Zabadneh **

Claudio Schiavi



Ernesto Colombo


* Concertmaster

** Principal

String quartet


1st Violin

Margherita Miramonti


2nd Violin

Alessandro Ceravolo



Ruggero Mastrolorenzi



Enrico Graziani

The protagonists - The recording studio

The BARTOK STUDIO located in Bernareggio (MB) offers the best technologies in the digital and acoustic field to obtain the best results in the field of recording and post-production of music.
The Bartok Studio has already produced numerous recordings and compact discs with some of the most important musicians: Sergey Krylov, Mario Marzi, Giulio Tampalini, Giuseppe Cacciola, Francesco Siragusa, Michele Campanella, Vincenzo Balzani, Alessandra Giunti, Rocco Parisi, Antonio Di Cristofano, Maria Carla Curia, Luca Casagrande, Roberto Noferini, Rocco Peruggini, Andrea Noferini, Daniela Stigliano, Filippo Ravizza, Maurizio Baglini, Giuseppe Andaloro, Roberto Paruzzo, Gabriele Zanetti, Demetrio Colaci, Boris Petrushansky, Vladmir Delmann, Adriano Bassi, Elio Marchesini, Paolo Zannini, Giulio Giurato, Bruno Canino, Alfonso Alberti, Stefania Mormone, Simone Toni, Vincenzo La Scola, Katia Ricciarelli, Luciana Serra, Enzo Dara, Daniele Callegari, Gianandrea Noseda, Fabrizio Maria Carminati, Andrea Camilleri, Roberto Cominati, Luca Trabucco, Andrea Padua, Silvia Chiesa, Andrea Bacchetti, Claudio Astronio, Alessandro Laffranchini, Francesco De Angelis, The Soloists of the Scala, The Instrumentalists della Scala, Chamber Ensemble and Symphony Orchestras: Scaligero Instrumental Ensemble, Mozart Orchestra, Hello Mr. Sax, Italian Contemporary Ensemble, Stable Orchestra of the Bergamo Theater, Arcadia Academy, Verdi Orchestra, Silete Venti, Schubertrio, Orchestra “AB Michelangeli ”Of the Brescia and Bergamo festival, LV Beethoven Orchestra, Bocconi University, I Virtuosi della Scala.
BARTOK STUDIO collaborates with various record labels including Agorà, Concerto, Tactus, Suonare, BBMR, Ega Wen, RCG music., Wilma srl, Amadeus, Stradivarius, Università L. Bocconi, ESP musica, Tudor, Col Legno, Fono Forum.
He also collaborates with the music magazines Amadeus, Suonare news and Sei Corde.
He has created advertising spots for important Italian and foreign companies including: Salmoiraghi-Viganò, Swatch Emotion, Welcome computer. Soundtracks for films including: Enthusiasmòs the demon of Dante, Swatch Olympiad.

With the support of MiBAC and SIAE, within the initiative

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