The programs of the Sunday Concerts


Sunday 9 May, 5 pm
Tommaso Benciolini flute, Marcello Miramonti violin
Marco Cadario harpsichord, Lorenzo Passerini conductor
Georg Philipp Telemann
Suite in B flat major "of the peoples"
Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto for echo in far in A major
Johann Sebastian Bach
Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D major

Sunday 16 May, 5 pm
director Lorenzo Passerini
Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony n. 4 in B flat major
Nello Colombo (orchestration Antonio Reda)
Virgo Potens
Luigi Cherubini
Symphony in D major

Wednesday 2 June, 5 pm
Marco Sala bass clarinet, Ernesto Colombo conductor
Giuseppe Verdi
Symphony from the opera A day of reign
Luigi Bassi
Fun on the motifs of Giuseppe Verdi 's Trovatore
(new arrangement for bass clarinet and orchestra by Marco Sala)
Giuseppe Verdi
Symphony from the opera Oberto, Count of San Bonifacio
From the opera A masked ball , Act I prelude and Act II prelude
Symphony from the opera The battle of Legnano
Prelude from the opera Macbeth
Dances from the opera Aida
Symphony from the opera Joan of Arc


Sunday 20 June, 5 pm
Micol Costa soprano white voice
director Leonardo Benini
Giacomo Puccini

(orchestration Antonio Reda)
Love story, for voice and orchestra
Gustav Mahler

(orchestration Armin Terzer)
Symphony n. 4 in G major

Sunday 4 July, 5 pm
Ilaria Quilico soprano, Arina Alexeeva mezzo-soprano
Davide Capitanio tenor, Rocco Cavalluzzi bass
CITTÀ DI COMO” Choir Mario MorettI choir master
director Leonardo Benini
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Requiem in D minor for choir and orchestra only


Lorenzo Passerini presents the Sunday Concerts


In the world we live in, music has never stopped existing. Music itself is the world. Every sound is music, every noise is music. Yet months have passed in which we have been silent in the face of events. Mute and incredulous. But now that we have the opportunity to add ours to the music of the world, we, friends of music, come back to life. From this possibility of being reborn we build our new musical season, which we do not know how to define. We would like it to contain everything, although we are aware of the almost impossible challenge. However, only by dreaming can we return to live in (and in) beauty. With this season we want to travel far and wide, from the 17th century to the present day.

It starts with a baroque concert where in the opening piece by Telemann different peoples, different nations are presented, each characterized by its own personal color (and warmth). This choice to remind us of the beauty of other cultures, and to travel (at least with thought). A Vivaldi concert follows in which a group of musicians plays an echo of the orchestra on the stage, which for us is the echo of this silent year. It is a suggestive page that we would like to refer to personal images. It is certainly to be listened to with your eyes closed. The concert is closed by Bach's Fifth Brandenburg, apotheosis of beauty, in the key of Beethoven's hymn to joy.
Beethoven is one of the protagonists of the second concert, the homage to the nineteenth century symphony . We will perform the Fourth Symphony by the genius of Bonn. Next to it we will present the lesser known Symphony in Re by Luigi Cherubini, a kaleidoscope of nineteenth-century European visions. Before the two symphonic pillars we propose two “occasional” pieces: the first by Beethoven (almost unknown), and the second by Nello Colombo (yes, Nello Colombo the journalist!) In world premiere, written especially for this season.
On 2 June (the only non-Sunday exception of our trip) we created VIVA VERDI! , a tribute to our nation, through the music of its most famous exponent in the world, from the beginning to the end of his long career, with a succession (in our opinion daring) of symphonies, preludes, dances and surprises. Azzardo is the first performance for bass clarinet and orchestra on the motifs of the Trovatore, arranged by Marco Sala, who will also be the acrobatic soloist.
A concert follows that sees the last two romantics of the twentieth century paired: Puccini on the operatic side, and Mahler on the symphonic side. We chose two pieces at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the first almost unknown. We will perform Puccini's “Storiella d'amore”, a piece for voice and piano that stages the fifth canto of Dante's inferno, orchestrated for the occasion by Antonio Reda. We will perform Mahler's Fourth Symphony, in the version for chamber orchestra by Armin Terzer. Both pieces will see a white voice on stage.
The Season ends with Mozart's Requiem , which needs no comment. With the latest work of the Salzburg genius we want to give our audience a moment of reflection and meditation, which we hope will put an end to this long period of forced silence.
It is a season entirely proposed by the Antonio Vivaldi Orchestra. In addition to the first two concerts I directed, I am happy to share the podium with two very young colleagues, the Masters Ernesto Colombo and Leonardo Benini. As for the soloists, we present "our musicians", the historians of Vivaldi, who stand up from the chair of the orchestra to play for you. Marcello Miramonti on the violin, Tommaso Benciolini on the flute, the aforementioned Marco Sala on the clarinet and Marco Cadario on the harpsichord. The revelation of the season will be Micol Costa, white voice (a very recent discovery by the Vivaldi Orchestra!). The cast concludes with the Città di Como Choir directed by Mario Moretti, and the voices of Ilaria Quilico, Aria Alexeeva, Davide Capitanio and Rocco Cavalluzzi.
The synergy between Sondalo's Amici della Musica and the Vivaldi Orchestra is increasingly intense. We're back! Stronger than before. We will never stop creating and passing on passion to you.
Dear subscribers, old and new, I look forward to seeing you at the Theater!

Lorenzo Passerini